Guitarist Tim Pierce Plays the CP-1X Compressor

First-Hand Impressions from an L.A. Session Veteran


Guitarist Tim Pierce knows all about getting great guitar tones. A first-call Hollywood session player since the late ’80s, Tim has played on records by a who’s who of top artists, including Elton John, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Christina Aguilera…the list goes on and on. Recently, BOSS connected with Tim to get his impressions of the CP-1X Compressor, an all-new pedal powered by MDP technology. In the following video, Tim plays the CP-1X with a variety of electric and acoustic guitars, and shares his personal observations on this powerful stomp. “You really can’t go wrong, no matter where the knobs are set,” Tim says of the CP-1X. “And to me, that’s the hallmark of a very musical device.”

Video: BOSS CP-1X Compressor Featuring Tim Pierce

Tim Pierce Talks About Guitar Compressors and the CP-1X

This section is a transcript of Tim’s comments from the CP-1X video. 

The great thing about a compressor is that, as a guitarist, you have so much dymanic range; you know that when you pick, it can be a hundred different grades of soft, medium, or loud. So a compressor allows you to be as dynamic as you want, but for the listener and for the music, it brings up the quiet parts and softens the loud parts so that everything comes out even, and it’s a great thing to listen to.

I was surprised when I fired up the CP-1X at the amount of clarity and definition it gave me. It really seemed to follow and adapt to everything I played. No matter what style I played, this compressor always seemed to react in a musical way. Whether it’s country picking or very aggressive clean R&B or heavy rhythm or even distorted lead soloing, it always enhances what I’m doing.

There seems to be a lot going on inside this pedal. When you turn any of the four knobs, a number of parameters are adjusted under the hood at the same time. So you end up with a high-quality studio sound, but the ease of use of a stompbox.

BOSS has created a technology called “MDP,” or “Multi-Dimensional Processing.” This analyzes your sound, overdrive, harmonics, frequency. It also analyzes your playing—neck position, single-note verses chord, arpeggios, bends, and vibrato. The benefit to all this is it creates a compressor that actually doesn’t get in the way of your playing, it enhances your playing. And it doesn’t cloud your playing, it clarifies your playing.

BOSS CP-1X Compressor

BOSS CP-1X Compressor.

What I like about the CP-1X is it has a lot of clarity, and it doesn’t necessarily change your sound; it basically sounds like what I’ve heard on records for the last five decades. If you listen to any record from the ‘50s all the way to now, compression is really the biggest part of all the sounds and all the instruments. But for guitar, this thing reminds of me of Fairchilds that I would use in the studio, a really high-end compressor.

When you turn on your favorite amplifier, it doesn’t matter where the knobs are set: it sounds good. This compressor is just like that. You really can’t go wrong, no matter where the knobs are set. And to me, that’s the hallmark of a very musical device.

CP-1X Compressor: Advanced Tech for Next-Generation Performance

The CP-1X is a new type of multiband compressor for guitar. Powered by BOSS’s innovative MDP technology, this unique pedal preserves the character of your instrument and technique at every setting. As a result, you can achieve studio-quality results with minimal effort. Optimized for all types of guitars, the CP-1X delivers next-generation performance for every style of music you play.

The CP-1X's intuitive interface controls numerous parameters inside the pedal.

Turning the knobs on the CP-1X simultaneously adjusts numerous parameters inside the pedal.

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More Info on Tim Pierce

To find out more about Tim Pierce, visit his website. Tim also maintains a very active YouTube channel, where he offers guitar lessons, session tips, gear info, and much more.