Guitarist Tim Pierce Plays the CP-1X Compressor

First-Hand Impressions from an L.A. Session Veteran


Guitarist Tim Pierce knows all about getting great guitar tones. A first-call Hollywood session player since the late ’80s, Tim has played on records by a who’s who of top artists, including Elton John, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Christina Aguilera…the list goes on and on. Recently, BOSS connected with Tim to get his impressions of the CP-1X Compressor, an all-new pedal powered by MDP technology. In the following video, Tim plays the CP-1X with a variety of electric and acoustic guitars, and shares his personal observations on this powerful stomp. “You really can’t go wrong, no matter where the knobs are set,” Tim says of the CP-1X. “And to me, that’s the hallmark of a very musical device.”