Robert Bubby Lewis and the SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer

Playing Bass with the Revolutionary BOSS Guitar Synth

BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer

Bassist Robert Bubby Lewis talks about the BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer.

BOSS artist Robert Bubby Lewis has played and recorded bass for a number of powerhouse artists, including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Lupe Fiasco, Tha Game, Kim Burrel, The Clarke Sisters, AI, Stevie Wonder, and many others. He regularly uses the BOSS GT-10B for his effects processing, and the Roland VB-99 V-Bass System for advanced studio sounds. Bubby recently started using the SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer as well, and he’s extremely pleased with its sounds. “[BOSS is] always innovating, man,” says Bubby. “It’s ridiculous technology, and I’m always happy to have stuff that I can nerd out on and have fun with and create crazy sounds and make crazy music. It’s pretty awesome.”

Read on to check out a video of Bubby playing the SY-300 and sharing his thoughts on the world of new sounds he can achieve with this cool synth and multi-effects unit.

Robert Bubby Lewis with the SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer

The SY-300: Advanced Synthesis and Multi-Effects for Guitar and Bass

With the SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer, BOSS presents an all-new approach to guitar synthesis that unlocks an extraordinary world of sound creation. Using cutting-edge BOSS technology, the SY-300 can be used with any guitar or bass via a standard 1/4-inch cable. Powered by ultra-fast DSP, the SY-300 performs its synth magic in real time, with no lag whatsoever. This gives you a playing experience that’s a natural extension of your instrument, letting you play organically, with no alternation to your technique whatsoever.

BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer

The BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer works great for both guitar and bass.

Beyond its impressive analog-style synth capabilities, the SY-300 can also be used as a powerful multi-effects processor to enhance both synth and straight tones. Four simultaneous effects engines are available, each with a number of effects types including overdrives and distortions, Slow Gear, Isolator, Slicer, and many others. Some types can even provide two effects at once, such as chorus and delay or delay and reverb.

Learn more about this powerful guitar/bass synth at the SY-300 product page and this blog post.

Hear More SY-300 Sounds at BOSS Tone Central

At the BOSS Tone Central website, you’ll find tons of free new sounds for the SY-300 and other BOSS guitar and bass gear. Even if you don’t own an SY-300 yet, you can still hear what these sound collections are all about. When you’re on the SY-300 page, clicking on a Live Set collection will take you to a dedicated page that contains video and audio demos, plus download links for the collection.

BOSS Tone Central is also where you can download BOSS Tone Studio for the SY-300, a full-featured editor and librarian for the synth. The software also provides direct access to the SY-300 Live Set collections at BOSS Tone Central from within the editor.


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