Mike Stern Talks About BOSS Pedals

The Guitar Great Discusses His Career and Favorite BOSS Stompboxes

Mike Stern and BOSS

One of the most respected guitarists of his generation, Mike Stern has enjoyed a four-decade career that’s included collaborations with Blood, Sweat & Tears, Billy Cobham, Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, the Brecker Brothers, and other greats. He’s released 16 recordings as a bandleader, and six of those have received nominations for GRAMMY awards. His most recent recording, Eclectic, features a six-string summit with renowned Texas guitarist Eric Johnson.

Mike is a longtime player of BOSS pedals, and he’s used them on numerous albums. Check out the following video, where the guitarist talks about his career and favorite BOSS pedals he’s used through the years. The video also features Mike performing with a new favorite, the Waza Craft SD-1W Super Overdrive, as well as the BD-2W Blues Driver and DM-2W Delay. At this session, he’s playing through the Roland Blues Cube Artist212 amplifier as well.

BOSS Video with Mike Stern

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Mike Stern and BOSS Waza Craft Pedals

Waza Craft pedals used in the Mike Stern video: SD-1W Super Overdrive, BD-2W Blues Driver, and DM-2W Delay (left to right).

Jazz Bassist Teymur Phell and BOSS Pedals

In the video above, Mike is accompanied by Teymur Phell, who’s playing through the BOSS BB-1X Bass Driver pedal. Teymur is an extremely talented jazz bass player based in New York, and he plays in Mike’s band. At the same session, we had the opportunity to talk with Teymur about his music and BOSS pedals.

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