KT Tunstall and the VE-8 Acoustic Singer

Live Looping Performance and Interview

KT Tunstall

Award-winning artist KT Tunstall is well known for her dynamic solo performances that incorporate multi-layered looping with guitar, percussion, and harmonized vocals. Not long ago, she took the new VE-8 Acoustic Singer for a spin and was impressed with having so many useful tools in one package. “It’s just fantastic having your loop, vocal effects, and any guitar effects you want in one little box,” KT said. “And you also have a tuner in there, so you don’t need a separate tuner. It just makes it very quick and easy and simple.”

Read on to check out KT performing her song “Suddenly I See” with the VE-8 and a number of other BOSS effects pedals. After that, KT discusses her musical background and talks about the VE-8.