BOSS Pedalboard Cable Kit Line Wins Best In Show

Premium Solderless Cable Kit for Wiring Pedalboards

BOSS’s new Pedalboard Cable Kit line won the Best In Show Award for Add-Ons & Accessories during the 2018 NAMM Show. Frank Alkyer, publisher of the magazines Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily, moderated a panel of six music retail experts for NAMM’s annual awards show in Anaheim, CA, on January 28, 2018. Rand and Cindy Cook, owners of The Candyman Strings & Things musical instrument store in Santa Fe, New Mexico, honored BOSS with the award.

Exceptional Sound in a Practical, Space-Saving Design

Rand and Cindy Cook during the 2018 NAMM Best in Show Awards honoring the BOSS Pedalboard Cable Kit.

Rand and Cindy Cook honoring the BOSS Pedalboard Cable Kit during the 2018 NAMM Best in Show Awards.

Cindy Cook described the kit to the awards show as a “crazy little genius idea that changes the game.” She went on to explain how players have been rigging their pedalboards “the same way, over and over again,” with lots of wasted time and space because “there was no better way” until now. “It takes seconds, seriously, and it sounds exquisite. This cable kit will change their lives, and their pedalboard,” added Cindy. “Plus, with a lifetime warranty, customers can walk right into a dealer. It’s a simple exchange.”

Video: BOSS Pedalboard Cable Kits

The BOSS Solderless Pedalboard Cable Kit Line

BOSS’s do-it-yourself pedalboard cable kits are designed to save pedalboard space without sacrificing tone. Players can easily customize their boards by tightening a single ground screw on each connector, with no cable stripping required. Compact bi-directional ¼-inch plugs are engineered to allow straight- or right-angle connections, so pedals can be as close as 1 cm apart. The low-capacitance, studio-grade cable features oxygen-free copper and braided shielding for quiet operation with lasting durability. The extra-pliable cable allows for ultra clean cable management and a tidier looking pedal board. Premium 24K gold-plated contacts ensure the highest quality, most precise sound reproduction available.

Individual kits are available with a variety of cable lengths and connectors, including 2 ft. ($19.99), 6 ft. ($49.99), 12 ft. ($89.99), and 24 ft. ($149.99). A 2.5mm screwdriver tool is also included with the 6 ft., 12 ft., and 24 ft. kits. Packages of 100 bulk connectors ($500.00) and 150-foot cable spools ($300.00) are also available.