DD-500 Version 2 Software Update Released

Feature-Packed Update for BOSS’s Flagship Digital Delay Pedal

BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay.

Offering exceptional 32-bit/96 kHz sound quality, 12 delay modes, deep editing, versatile real-time controls, and more, the DD-500 is the most advanced digital delay pedal ever created. Now, with the new Version 2 update, this delay juggernaut has just been infused with even more creative power. Filled with updated algorithms, enhanced features, and all-new functionality, Version 2 software is a must-have for all DD-500 owners. Read on to learn more about this free user-installable update.

Video: BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay

DD-500 Version 2 Software Update—What’s New

Since its release in 2015, the DD-500 has become the go-to digital delay pedal for all types of musicians around the world. The Version 2 software update includes a huge number of enhancements—including many based on user requests—making an already-great pedal even more powerful and inspiring.

DD-500 Version 2 Algorithm Updates

  • Tape—An Echorec 2 type has been added to Tape mode, the RE-201 Space Echo type has newly added tape head parameters, and wow & flutter is now adjustable for all tape types.
  • Dual—The two delays in Dual mode can now be routed in numerous series and parallel configurations.
  • Filter—A touch-sensitive filter setting has been added.
  • Slow Attack—The Slow Attack setting can now be applied to both the input and delay signals, and a curve setting has been added to adjust the attack time.
  • Shimmer—Numerous enhancements, including a second pitch character type, stereo pitch mode, added Overtone type, and more.
  • SFX—Phaser type added, plus enhanced parameters for tremolo mode.
  • Pattern—Gate type added, enabling the creation of Slicer-style delay effects.
  • Vint. Digital—Delay phase and feedback phase parameters added.

DD-500 Version 2 Patch and System Enhancements

  • Improved A/B Simul mode—More flexible routing and input/output options have been added, including series or parallel connections, the ability to process each input and output with separate patches, and more.
  • Bi-phase modulation—Bi-phase is now available in addition to the standard single modulation setting, providing more spacious sound when used in stereo setups.
  • Added tone-editing parameters—The DD-500 has always had a ton of tone-shaping parameters, and now there are even more, including feedback damp, adjustable EQ position, EQ hi-cut, and others.
  • Feedback Loop function—This allows you to insert an external effect to process a delay’s feedback loop.
  • Input and output gain—These levels can now be adjusted and saved per patch.
  • Phrase Loop clear—The current loop can now be cleared without exiting Phrase Loop mode.

The Version 2 update also includes enhanced control functions, additional MIDI parameters, and more. Check out the supplementary manual for full details on all the newly added features.

Get the DD-500 Version 2 Software Update

Version 2 software is available in the Downloads section at the DD-500 product page.

The DD-500 Editor software has also been updated to support the Version 2 features, and can be downloaded at the link above.

BOSS 500 Series: DD-500 Digital Delay, MD-500 Modulation, and RV-500 Reverb.

BOSS 500 Series: DD-500 Digital Delay, MD-500 Modulation, and RV-500 Reverb.