New Product: ES-5 Effects Switching System

Premium BOSS Switching Technology for Smaller Pedalboards

ES-5 Effects Switching System

BOSS ES-5 Effects Switching System on a pedalboard.

Released last year, BOSS’ ES-8 Effects Switching System has been universally praised for its pure sound quality, unmatched control features, and exceptional value. But despite the strong upside, integrating an advanced switcher like the ES-8 usually only makes sense for busy pro players and serious pedal junkies with large setups. If you’ve been dreaming of ES-8 power for a more modest pedalboard or fly rig, good news has arrived—with the new ES-5, you can now access the benefits of BOSS’ flagship switcher in a smaller and more affordable package.

BOSS ES-5 Effects Switching System video.

Pro Power for Compact Rigs

The ES-5 is ideal for players who use a smaller complement of pedals, but still want the power and creative flexibility of a pro switcher. An easy fit on many common DIY pedalboard platforms, the ES-5 offers a massive boost in programmable control over passive and active loop switchers that occupy a similar footprint.

ES-5 Effects Switching System

The ES-5 packs immense power in a compact space.

Like the ES-8 that it’s based on, the ES-5 delivers high-end capabilities without sacrificing sound quality. The audio path has been meticulously designed to preserve tone, and the onboard switches provide robust, reliable performance you can count on. In addition, the ES-5 offers an impressive range of control features that leave typical pedal switchers in the dust.

Maximum Creative Control

The ES-5 is equipped with five audio loops, and the on/off state and connection order can be stored in 200 patch memories for instant recall. In any patch, switching to Manual mode allows you to use the footswitches to turn individual loops on and off on the fly. A parallel loop function is also available, which you’d use to keep delay repeats or reverb tails from being unnaturally cut off when switching patches.

ES-5 Effects Switching System Rear Panel

The ES-5’s rear panel is loaded with connectivity.

Input and output buffers can be switched on/off independently per patch, allowing you to optimize your tone with any pedal combination. The output buffer also has an adjustable level control, making it possible to create patches with different volume levels.

Extending beyond basic pedal control, the ES-5 is equipped with external control outputs for switching amp channels, sending tap tempo information, and more. There are also jacks for connecting an expression pedal or two footswitches for further real-time control. MIDI I/O adds the icing on the cake, providing deep integration with MIDI-controlled stomp effects like the BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay and many others.

ES-5 Effects Switching System in a Pedalboard

The ES-5 enables you to build a pro-level pedalboard with a minimal footprint.

To learn more about BOSS’ powerful effects switching systems, visit the ES-5 and ES-8 product pages at

To further explore the many creative advantages that can be gained with a BOSS switching system, check out our in-depth ES-8 Deep Dive article. While it focuses on the capabilities of the ES-8, almost all of the concepts presented can be applied to the ES-5 as well.

ES-5 Effects Switching System Bass Pedalboard

A bass pedalboard controlled by the ES-5.