Blues Guitar Effects Combo

Subtle Effects for Blues Guitarists

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Blues Guitar Effects Combo

Author: Roland UK Features Team

The BD-2 Blues Driver produces a bluesy vintage tube amp tone that blues players have adored since 1995, and it’s still one of the best-selling BOSS pedals today. The pedal’s tube-like response is due to the level of distortion being proportional to the picking strength. The CS-3 Compressor helps smooth out those blues licks while adding sustain, and the TR-2 Tremolo gives you the smooth pulsing heard on so many records, adding that extra dimension. The FRV-1 Reverb pedal was developed with Fender and using COSM technology, the BOSS engineers captured the beauty of the 1963 Fender 6G15 unit which was a favorite among blues players of the 60s and so an obvious choice for this rig.

Need to Know…

There are no rules. The sound you’re after might not be made by what we could call the appropriate or logical signal path, but that’s not always the issue. The issue is this: what does it sound like? If it makes the sound you’re after, then it’s right…although, you may have to do something about the noise. Traditional pedalboard arrangements were designed for certain reasons, and keeping the noise down is a biggie.

Blues guitar effects pedals names and model numbers

Blues Guitar Effects Pedals: FVR-1, TR-2, DD-3, CE-5, BD-2, and CS-3

The Sound of Each Pedal…

FRV-1 Fender Reverb recreates the legendary sound of the 1963 Fender Reverb unit.

TR-2 Tremolo provides high-quality vintage tremolo effects.

DD-3 Digital Delay delivers a digital delay effect equivalent to that of a dedicated rackmount delay unit.

CE-5 Chorus Ensemble creates any kind of chorus effect — from a mild, natural chorus to the clear and penetrating stereo chorus effect.

BD-2 Blues Driver delivers classic “blues” guitar tones with tube amp simulation. The warm distortion and overdrive is usually reserved for 30-year-old tube amps.

CS-3 Compression Sustainer compresses louder signals while boosting lower signals for a smooth overall sound.

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Listen to the Blues Guitar Effects Combo…

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