BOSS Loop Station World Championship 3: International Finals

See How the World’s Best Loopers Perform with BOSS Loop Stations


Enter for a chance to win an RC-3 Loop Station pedal autographed by John-5, Steve Stevens, Billy Duffy, Herman Li, and Darryl Jones. Contest ends April 5, 2013.

On Friday evening, January 25, 2013, loop artists from 12 different countries gathered at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney to compete in the international finals for the BOSS Loop Station World Championship 3. Held as part of Roland Connect during the 2013 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, the finals event was an exciting conclusion to the BOSS global competition that began in the summer of 2012. Over 500 looping fans were in attendance, with another 8,000-plus viewing live on the web as the event was streamed online.

John-5, Steve Stevens, Billy Duffy, Darryl Jones, Herman Li

RC-3 Loop Station pedal autographed by John-5, Steve Stevens, Billy Duffy, Herman Li, and Darryl Jones

RC-3 giveaway ends April 5, 2013

The large audience enjoyed an entertaining evening of inspired and innovative performances, with all the loop artists delivering high-level musical presentations. Ultimately, Grison Beatbox of Spain claimed the looping title with a mesmerizing beatboxing performance that featured impressive technical skill with his RC-300 Loop Station and VE-20 Vocal Performer effects. For his efforts, he earned $3,000 in BOSS gear.

Now in its third year, the BOSS Loop Station World Championship spotlights artists around the globe that make fresh and inventive music with BOSS’ industry leading Loop Station products. This year’s international finals showed how the relatively new and wildly expressive art form of live looping continues to evolve at a lighting pace, with the artists performing an eclectic array of music styles with vocals, effects, a huge range of instruments, and full-throttle musical creativity.

All 12 loop artists were winners of BOSS Loop Station competitions held in their home countries throughout the latter part of 2012. Regions represented were the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Iberia, Canada, Latin America, Brazil, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Eastern Europe, and Central Europe.

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