Herman Li of DragonForce

A Master Shredder Hones His Chops with eBand

Herman Li of DragonForce

Featuring shred-masters Herman Li and Sam Totman, the British power metal band DragonForce delivers a high-adrenaline, twin-guitar onslaught that takes no prisoners. Riffing together with incredible precision at dizzying speeds, the virtuoso duo were recently recognized for their skills by axe fans around the globe, earning the Number 11 spot in a Guitar World readers’ poll that chose “The 50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time.”

Playing with accuracy at such a blistering pace requires the mindset of a world-class sprinter, with the adoption of a tenacious workout ethic and disciplined practice regimen. What does Herman Li use to help keep his chops in shape for the rigors of the stage and studio? The eBand® JS-10 Audio Player with Guitar Effects, of course! Like an increasing number of pro players, Herman has found that eBand’s convenient, all-in-one approach and great sound makes his practice inspiring, productive, and fun.

We caught up with Herman before he hit the road again to support the latest DragonForce release, The Power Within. During our visit, he discussed how he uses eBand, his favorite BOSS pedals, his thoughts on tone, and much more.

Lots of pro players have discovered eBand. Why do you use it?

I use the eBand because for many years I looked for a solution so that I can practice easily when I’m on tour. It’s always been difficult to move an amp onto a tour bus—it takes so much space. Or backstage, people care more about putting their riders around. [Laughs.] The eBand is so small, and it has everything I need.

In the past, I’d have a little amp and it never sounded really good. And it didn’t have any effects, [and I’d have to] plug my phone into my computer to get some sort of backing track to jam with. With eBand, you basically get everything in one. I can tune my guitar. I have my backing tracks, which I can store, and copy across from my computer onto it.

What specific features do you like to use in eBand?

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