The Amp Guy

ritchie f

Behind the scenes with Ritchie Fliegler during a recent GA-Amp artist impression video shoot in Burbank, California. If anyone knows amps it’s Ritchie, he wrote several articles and two books on amplifiers, “Amps! The Other Half of Rock ‘N’ Roll” and “The Complete Guide to Guitar and Amp Maintenance: A Practical Manual for Every Guitar Player” both of which are considered expert reference works.

Not only is Ritchie a guitarist and authority on guitar amps, he also has a rich history in the Musical Instruments industry. He is the former senior vice president of marketing and business development at Fender Musical Instruments where he led the charge in making Fender a household name. Before Fender, Ritchie was a marketing manager for Marshall Amps from where Fender recruited him from. He was also an outside consultant for Gibson Guitar and a marketing manager for Korg USA.

Because of his history and expertise we believe it was important to get the thoughts and opinions of the best “Amp Guy” out there. Stay tuned for the full artist impressions video and share with us your thoughts on your favorite guitar amps.