Serj Tankian: My Creative Process

On Friday, July 13 we caught up with Serj Tankian at his Harakiri Release Party to discuss his new album and his creative work flow. He shares with us his writing process, his use of loops, and his use of the iPad for developing songs. Serj also mentions his iPad application, “I Am Serj,” that fans and musicians can download from the iTunes app store. The app allows you to remix and dissect songs from three of his solo albums, including his newest release Harakiri.

Harakiri, Serj’s newest solo album (Reprise Records/Serjical Strike), is the follow up to 2010’s acclaimed Imperfect Harmonies. The album is the third solo release from the System Of A Down frontman. Serj produced Harakiri himself at his home studio in Los Angeles. Here he discusses how the record came about and his thoughts on solo projects by musicians in general.