Go Wireless with the BOSS Katana-Air

Revolutionary All-Wireless Guitar Amp with Premium Tone and Onboard BOSS Effects

BOSS Katana-Air wireless guitar amplifier.

BOSS Katana-Air wireless guitar amplifier.

If you’re a serious guitarist who likes to play with lots of effects, you know how inspiring it is to plug into your big pedalboard and amp rig and let ‘er rip. But when you just want to practice at home, setting up and tearing down all that gear is often not so easy or convenient. Or maybe you only play casually for fun, and simply want access to amp and effects sounds that reach beyond the capabilities of your basic practice amp. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just grab your guitar and instantly start playing with all kinds of amazing amp tones and any type of effect you want? And all without having to plug in any cables or pedals?

With the wireless Katana-Air, you can! Read on to find out how this revolutionary new amp will take your practice and jamming sessions to new levels of productivity and enjoyment.