Four New BOSS Tuner Models

The Industry-Leading Lineup Expands

BOSS Tuners

New BOSS tuner models for 2016.

In 1983, BOSS started a revolution in tuning with the TU-12, the world’s first automatic chromatic tuner. Ever since, we’ve remained at the forefront of electronic tuner technology for guitarists, bassists, and all types of musicians. Today, our already expansive tuner lineup has grown with four new models: the TU-3W, TU-3S, TU-01, and TU-30. Featuring BOSS’s trusted tech, innovative features, and famous rugged reliability, these new models offer even more top-quality solutions for a wide range of musical applications.

Waza Craft TU-3W Chromatic Tuner: Superior Tuner, Premium Buffer

Based on the immensely popular TU-3 stompbox tuner, the TU-3W delivers even more refined performance for pro players and serious pedal junkies.

BOSS Tuner: TU-3W

The Waza Craft TU-3W offers industry-standard tuning and refined audio circuitry.

As a tuner, the TU-3W’s functionality equals the industry-standard TU-3 in every way, offering the same bright, high-resolution tuning display, multiple tuning modes, and rock-solid accuracy. Also like the TU-3, it has a daisy-chain output for powering additional BOSS pedals with an optional PSA-120S adapter and PCS-20A cable. On the audio side, the TU-3W features redesigned circuitry with a premium signal buffer and selectable true-bypass operation, providing the most transparent audio pass-through in every setup.

BOSS Tuner: TU-3W Rear

The rear panel of the TU-3W features a switch for buffered or true-bypass operation, plus an output for powering other BOSS compact pedals.

TU-3S Chromatic Tuner: Perfect for Pedalboards

The TU-3S Chromatic Tuner is also based on the TU-3, and offers the same renowned performance in a space-saving size.

BOSS Tuner: TU-3S

Always on and ready to go, the TU-3S provides TU-3 performance in a more compact size.

The tuning functions in the TU-3S are identical to the TU-3—the only thing eliminated is the pedal switch, essentially cutting its footprint down to about half that of the TU-3. This makes it ideal for use in pedalboard setups, where space is at a premium and the tuner is typically used in an “always on” capacity.

When used in-line, the TU-3S acts as a high-quality signal buffer, enabling you to run big pedal chains and long cables with minimal signal loss. It’s also perfect for use with gear that includes a dedicated tuner send, such as the BOSS ES-8 and ES-5 effects switching systems and volume pedals like the BOSS FV-500H, FV-500L, and FV-30H. And like the TU-3 and TU-3W, the TU-3S features a daisy-chain output for powering additional BOSS stomps.

BOSS Tuner: TU-3S

The minimal footprint of the TU-3S is ideal for guitar and bass pedalboards.

TU-01 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner: Reliable, Accurate, and Affordable

The new TU-01 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner is the most affordable tuner in the trusted BOSS lineup. It’s small, durable, and simple to use, and clips on your instrument’s headstock to provide convenient and reliable tuning.

BOSS Tuner: TU-01

The TU-01 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner.

In addition to the default chromatic tuning mode, the TU-01 offers dedicated guitar and bass modes, plus a mode optimized for ukulele. The bright display features a digital meter and note indicator, plus two convenient lights that show when a string’s tuning is spot on. The tuner also adjusts for different viewing angles, and folds down for stowing in your instrument’s case or gig bag.

BOSS Tuner: TU-01

The TU-01 works great with both acoustic and electric instruments.

TU-30 Tuner & Metronome: The Ultra-Compact Practice Companion

For many years, the compact BOSS TU-80 has been a go-to standard for music educators and practicing musicians, providing accurate tuning and a handy metronome in one compact package. The TU-30 takes things to a new level of convenience, offering the TU-80’s essential features in an even smaller size.

BOSS Tuner: TU-30

The ultra-compact TU-30 functions as both a tuner (left) and metronome (right).

The TU-30 carries over all the basics of the TU-80, including Accu-Pitch (which provides a visual indication when tuning is reached), multiple tuning modes and rhythm patterns, the ability to sound reference pitches, and more. Combining trusted BOSS tuning with a versatile metronome, the ultra-compact TU-30 is an essential tool that no musician should be without.

Learn more about the entire BOSS tuner lineup at the BOSS website.