New Product: SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer

Tap Into a World of Amazing Sounds—No Special Pickup Needed!

BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer

BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer.

The introduction of the revolutionary SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer brings the guitar synth to an all-new level of sound and accessibility. This magical box lets you take advantage of BOSS’ legendary guitar synth technology using the normal pickups on your axe, with no special add-on pickup needed! The SY-300 delivers fat, analog-style polyphonic synth tones with zero latency, opening up an extraordinary world of real-time sound creation for every guitarist. What’s more, you can shape your normal tone with the SY-300’s filters, amps, LFOs, and effects for even more sonic diversity.

Just Plug In and Play

Unlike other products that require a special GK pickup and 13-pin cable to access synth voices, the SY-300 can be used with any guitar via a standard 1/4-inch cable. It also integrates easily with stomps and pedalboard setups, thanks to its compact size and versatile I/O. If you play bass, you’ll be happy to hear that the SY-300 works great with your instrument as well.

Powered by ultra-fast DSP and new innovations from the talented BOSS team, the SY-300 performs its synth processing in real time, with no lag whatsoever. This means that you can play its sounds like you would with any other stompbox, with no need to adjust your technique in any way. The SY-300 feels like an extension of your normal guitar, delivering a truly organic playing experience—it’s your guitar, plus more.

BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer Top

The SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer can be used with normal guitar and bass pickups—no special pickup is required.

An Authentic Analog-Style Synth

The SY-300 is equipped with a polyphonic synth engine with three separate sections. Each section has an oscillator and an array of common synthesis parameters for sound shaping, including filter, amp, and pitch envelopes and LFOs. The sections can be used independently, or stacked for massive tones. Another cool feature is the step sequencer, which lets you play dynamic melodies and arpeggios with a single note.

With its large graphic LCD display, it’s easy to tweak tones directly on the SY-300. You’re also able to edit, create, and archive sounds from your computer using the dedicated BOSS Tone Studio editor.

BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer Display

The SY-300’s large graphic display makes it simple to edit sounds.

If you’re not familiar with synth programming, don’t worry. The SY-300 is loaded with ready-to-play patches, and there’s a growing selection of additional sounds available for free at the BOSS Tone Central website. The SY-300 also includes a unique onboard Blender function, which allows you to randomly mix and match synth settings from other patches to discover new sounds by chance.

If you’re looking for a guitar synth that lets you play sampled instrument sounds like piano, brass, drums, etc., the SY-300 doesn’t do that—it’s strictly for classic, analog-style synth flavors. For sampled sounds (and a whole lot more), you’ll want to check out the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer.

Shape Your Tones with Synth Filters and Multi-Effects

Beyond its synth voices, the SY-300 also offers powerful sound shaping abilities for your normal tone. You can can apply synth filters, change attack and decay characteristics, and create cool dynamic movement with the LFOs and step sequencer to develop an endless supply of unique textures.

The SY-300 also includes multi-effects to enhance both synth and straight tones. Four simultaneous effects engines are available, each with a selection that includes overdrives and distortions, Slow Gear, Isolator, Slicer, and many others. Some types can do two effects at the same time (such as chorus and delay or delay and reverb), giving you double-duty from a single engine.

BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer Rear Panel

The SY-300’s rear panel includes an array of connections for hooking up external controls and interfacing with other gear.

Re-Synth Tracks Via USB

In addition to all its other great functions, the SY-300 has a built-in USB audio interface, allowing you to capture tracks into music production software. Of course, you can record the SY-300’s synth and effects sounds directly. But you can also record a dry signal while monitoring the SY-300’s sound. After that, send that track back into the SY-300 and “re-synth” the sound while dialing up the perfect tone for your mix. You can even feed other tracks from your DAW into the SY-300 and process them with the synth engine and effects to create all sorts of interesting sounds.

To learn more about this inspiring new guitar synth from BOSS, visit the SY-300 product page.