Fantom-XR: Storage Mode

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By connecting the Fantom-XR with your computer via a USB cable, you can transfer files from internal memory or a memory card to and from the hard disk or other media of your computer, in order to back
up your data. You can use software on your computer to edit wave data you’ve created on the Fantom-XR. Conversely, wave data that you’ve created on your computer can be used on the Fantom-XR.

Note: Connect or disconnect the USB cable only when the Fantom-XR is powered-off. Never connect or disconnect the USB cable or turn off the power while in USB mode or while data is being transferred.


1. With the Fantom-XR not connected, start up your computer.
2. Use a USB cable to connect the Fantom-XR to your computer.
3. Turn on the power (POWER switch) of the Fantom-XR. When the Fantom-XR is connected to your computer, you can select the area on the Fantom-XR to which a connection is to be made; either the internal user memory or the memory card.

Specify the Connection Destination Area

1. Press MENU. The Top Menu screen will appear.
2. Use the ^/v buttons to select “USB Storage.”
3. Press ENTER. The USB Storage Menu screen will appear.

Note: If the USB setting is not set to “Storage” mode, a warning of “The USB is in MIDI Mode!” will appear when you press ENTER in step 3. Press ENTER if you want to switch to USB Storage mode (the USB settings screen will appear). If you decide to cancel, press [EXIT].

4. Use the </> buttons to select "Internal" or "PC Card"
5. Press ENTER to connect the computer and the Fantom-XR.
6. The Fantom-X will appear as a drive on your computer.

  • Windows Users: A drive named “FANX USER” will be displayed within My Computer. If a memory card is connected, its volume name will be displayed. Below that drive there will be folders named “ROLAND” and “TMP.”
  • Macintosh Users: A drive icon named “FANX USER” will appear on the desktop. If a memory card is connected, its volume name will be displayed. Below it will be folders named “ROLAND” and “TMP.”

You can now transfer files between your computer and the Fantom-XR.

Exiting Storage Mode

  • Windows Users: In My Computer, right-click the “removable hard disk” icon and execute “Remove.”
  • Macintosh Users: Drag the Fantom-XR drive icon into the trash.

You may now disconnect the USB cable from the Fantom-XR and the computer.



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