Welcome to EFFECTS 101

There are hundreds and hundreds of stompboxes, pedals and effects on the market. Ever wonder what they do? Let Johnny DeMarco guide you through the effects maze. He not only tells you what they do, but shows you how to dial in the sounds. He also plays some cool examples, so you can find out which effect is right for you whether for recording in the studio or playing live.

  1. EFFECTS 101: Overdrive

    Overdrive is one of the most used guitar effects. As Johnny DeMarco shows, overdrive is used in virtually every kind of guitar music and you’ll see this kind of pedal in nearly every stage or studio rig.

  2. EFFECTS 101: Looper

    Loopers can be used for any kind of music, whether on stage or in the studio. Johnny DeMarco shows how this essential effect pedal works, and how to integrate it into your music.

  3. EFFECTS 101: Wah

    Johnny DeMarco shows ways to use a wah pedal. These pedals are some of the most common guitar effects, and are used on stages and in studios everywhere.

  4. EFFECTS 101: Compressor

    Compressors are subtle-but-essential guitar effects and are very common on stage and indispensable in the studio. Johnny DeMarco shows how these vital guitar pedals work, and how to use them for your music.

  5. EFFECTS 101: Chorus

    Watch Johnny DeMarco explain the chorus effect and show how to use a chorus pedal for studio recording or playing live.

  6. EFFECTS 101: Delay

    Johnny DeMarco talks about delay pedals: how they work, how to use one and how they sound in the recording studio or on stage.

  7. EFFECTS 101: Reverb

    All about reverb pedals with Johnny DeMarco: how they work and how to dial in the right sound for stage or recording.

  8. EFFECTS 101: Pitch Shifter

    Johnny DeMarco simplifies this complex stompbox and shows how to make a pitch shifter pedal work in a stage or a recording studio format.

  9. EFFECTS 101: Tremolo

    One of the first guitar effects, Johnny DeMarco shows what a tremolo pedal sounds like and how to dial in your sound for playing live or recording in a studio.

  10. EFFECTS 101: Octaver

    What does this stompbox do? Johnny DeMarco demonstrates the octave pedal and shows how to get the most from this unique effect whether recording in the studio or playing live with the band.

  11. EFFECTS 101: Flanger

    With its very recognizable sound, this versatile effect pedal can be used for many different things, from recording in the studio to jamming live with the band. Johnny DeMarco shows how to get the most from flanger pedals.

  12. EFFECTS 101: Phaser

    Johnny DeMarco shows how to dial in the different tones of a phaser pedal. This popular stompbox is used in all kinds of music and is used in recording studios and live rigs everywhere.