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Talk for guitar players—presented by BOSS U.S., the leader in guitar effects technology. Listen in as BOSS Specialist Paul Hanson talks with the world’s most interesting guitar professionals about gear, playing, life on the road, the music business, and much more.

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Edition 43: Eric Chaz

Eric ChazMaster guitar repair technician Eric Chaz (short for Czechanski) runs Eric’s Guitar Shop in Southern California, near the heart of the entertainment industry in Hollywood. His clients include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, Joe Walsh, and a long list of well-known players in the Los Angeles area and beyond.

  • Segment 1

    Eric talks about his start in the business and working with high-profile artists. He also provides some background about the world of guitar repair, discusses the differences between vintage and modern guitars, and offers tips about maintaining your instrument.

Edition 42: Steve Morse

Steve MorseThe diverse skills of guitar virtuoso Steve Morse encompass rock, country, funk, jazz, classical, and a fusion of these musical genres. A founding member of the eclectic Dixie Dregs, he’s also enjoyed a thriving solo career and stints with many renowned bands, including 20 years and counting with Deep Purple. Among Steve’s numerous achievements, Guitar Player readers selected him as Best Overall Guitarist for five years in a row, placing him in the magazine’s Gallery of the Greats alongside a select group of the world’s finest players.

  • Segment 1

    Steve describes how the Dixie Dregs evolved through his early years at high school and later attending the University of Miami, and their early difficulties at landing a record contract. He also talks about his brief turn as a commercial airline pilot and playing with legendary bands like Kansas and Deep Purple.

Edition 41: Chris Payton

Chris PaytonBorn into a musical family, Chris Payton has become a guitar master by the age of 20, proficient in styles ranging from R&B and gospel to hip-hop, pop, and rock. Since 2011, the talented young guitarist has worked with multi-platinum recording artist Robin Thicke. We caught up with Chris on the road, a day after he played with Thicke for an audience of over 60,000 fans at Houston’s Reliant Stadium.

  • Segment 1

    Chris talks about playing big gigs, performing on TV shows like Leno and Letterman, and life on the road with Robin Thicke. He also discusses his favorite pedals, amps and instruments, plus how his family influenced his desire to become a guitarist at an early age.

Edition 40: Donna Grantis

Donna GrantisIn 2012, Donna Grantis was already a successful guitarist based in her native Toronto, touring and recording with a wide range of popular artists from Canada and fronting her own instrumental project. Then, out of the blue, a surprise call from Prince’s drummer landed her in 3RDEYEGIRL, The Purple One’s latest group. This association also led to a spot in the ever-evolving New Power Generation band.

  • Segment 1

    Donna talks about her musical background, making a name for herself in the Toronto scene, and what it’s like to play with Prince. She also goes into detail about her amps, custom pedalboards, and favorite BOSS stomps.

Edition 39: Johnny Marr

Johnny MarrAlternative rock legend Johnny Marr talks with BOSS Tone Radio about his long career as guitarist and songwriter for some of the most influential bands.

  • Segment 1

    Johnny discusses his early life and influences, his highly successful music, the amazing journey as one of the most influential guitarists and his equipment of choice.

Edition 38: Herman Li

Herman LiShred-meister Herman Li, founder of the GRAMMY®-nominated metal group DragonForce, talks with BOSS Tone Radio about his background, career, gear, and more.

  • Segment 1

    Herman discusses what it was like to grow up in three different countries and details life on the road with his band. He also describes his amp setup and favorite pedals, and even reveals some secret gear tricks.

Edition 37: Billy Duffy

Billy DuffyBilly Duffy of The Cult talks with BOSS Tone Radio about his 30 years as lead guitarist and co-songwriter for one of England’s most influential bands.

  • Segment 1

    Billy discusses his early life and influences, how he formed The Cult with Ian Astbury, and the evolution of the band’s sound in the late 1980s. He also talks about his signature Gretsch® hollow-body guitar, and reveals his secrets about using the clean and chorus sounds of the Roland JC-120 right alongside his overdriven tube amps to create his unique tone.

Edition 36: Thomas Nordegg

Thomas NordeggThomas Nordegg, currently working with Steve Vai, is one of the top guitar techs in the music business. Since the ‘70s, he’s provided tech services for some of the world’s best-known artists, including Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, Duran Duran, Toto, Tears for Fears, Jimmy Page, The Pretenders, and many others.

  • Segment 1

    Thomas describes how he left his home in Vienna, Austria, in the 1970s and ended up landing a job with Frank Zappa in Los Angeles. He also offers behind-the-scenes stories from his life as a tech with various artists—including the recent G3 tour with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Steve Lukather—and talks about his favorite gear, such as the BOSS GT-100 and other high-tech guitar toys that he keeps at his home in L.A.

Edition 35: Jude Gold

Jude GoldJude Gold splits his time between L.A. and the San Francisco Bay Area, working as a session player and sideman for many artists, including Jefferson Starship, Miguel Migs, JGB, Eddie Money, and more. He’s also a noted guitar journalist with hundreds of articles to his credit, and a devoted educator who’s served as the Director of the Guitar Program at Musicians Institute for four years. A highly versatile player, Jude is known for his signature “full-contact” slap-guitar style, which you can sample in his debut music video, “Funkytown.”

  • Segment 1

    We talk about Jude’s interesting career at MI. He discusses his philosophy on playing funky guitar, and dispenses some advice on improving your rhythm. Jude also offers some highlights from the many interview features he’s worked on over the years for Guitar Player magazine.

  • Segment 2

    Jude describes managing 45 guitar teachers at MI, why he likes his Telecaster, and discusses his favorite pedals and amps. The way his pedal collection grows, he’s convinced they must breed at night!

Edition 34: Robert “Bubby” Lewis

Robert “Bubby” LewisAt the age of 25, Bubby Lewis has already established himself as a top bass player in the industry, performing and recording with an A-list of powerhouse artists. The Michigan native has worked with Warren G, Daz Dillinger, The Dogg Pound, and many others, and can be seen regularly with hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg and hit-maker Lupe Fiasco.

  • Segment 1

    Bubby talks about his early years playing in church in Flint, Michigan, and describes being discovered at a NAMM Show by Andrew Gouche, whom he calls “the godfather of bass.” Bubby also shares what it’s like travelling the world and playing those huge Snoop Dogg concerts, and discusses his basses and other gear, including his BOSS GT-10B Bass Effects Processor.

Edition 33: Pete Thorn

Pete ThornPlaying with Don Henley, Chris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge, and many other top artists, Pete Thorn has carved out his own niche in the insanely competitive world of guitar. With his debut solo effort titled Guitar Nerd, Pete steps out of the sideman role and into the spotlight, showcasing his versatile style, amazing chops, and tasty songwriting.

  • Segment 1

    Pete talks about starting out in Canada and how his career has evolved over the years into what it is now. He also offers a few behind-the-scenes stories and reveals some secrets on auditioning for the big gigs.

Edition 32: Eric Johnson

Eric JohnsonGRAMMY®-winning guitarist Eric Johnson is one of the premier players in the world, well known for his soaring lead style and wide range of amazing tones. BOSS recently visited with Eric at his studio in Texas, where we discussed the ways he’s integrating the powerful digital capabilities of Roland’s guitar synthesizers with his famous analog guitar rig. Photograph by Max Crace ©2010.

  • Segment 1

    Eric talks about how he’s used Roland’s guitar synthesizers through the years, and how he’s now integrating the latest, the GR-55, with his vintage and modern analog gear. He also reveals his ideas for using the guitar synth as a tone palette to add depth and dimension to his regular guitar tone.

Edition 31: JB Brubaker

JB BrubakerIn this edition of BOSS Tone Radio, we visit with JB Brubaker, guitarist and primary songwriter for the popular metalcore band August Burns Red. The young group from Manheim, PA, has a deceptively clean-cut look for the genre, yet they deliver an ultra-aggressive sound punctuated by precise playing, heavy breakdowns, and odd-meter riffs. Leveler, their latest album, recently topped the Billboard U.S. Hard Rock chart.

  • Segment 1

    JB talks about the formation of August Burns Red and working with today’s top metal producers. He also takes us through the band’s unusual recording process, and discusses his guitar rig and favorite BOSS effects.

Edition 30: Andy Summers

Andy SummersIn our 30th BOSS Tone Radio podcast, we talk with Andy Summers, legendary guitarist for The Police. Selling over 50 million records worldwide, the band incorporated elements of punk, reggae, and jazz to create a unique rock sound that greatly influenced the face of modern music. Andy’s distinctive guitar approach was a defining element of The Police’s sound, and his signature tone, inventive chord voicings, and pioneering use of effects and guitar synthesizers continue to inspire guitarists in many genres of music.

  • Segment 1

    Andy Summers discusses his approach to guitars and gear, as well as his philosophy on playing. He also covers many other topics, including the creation of his signature sound with The Police, tape echo, using Roland guitar synths, his favorite pedals, and his affection for the Roland VG-99.

Edition 29: Steve Lukather

Steve LukatherGuitarist, singer, producer, and songwriter Steve Lukather possesses one of the most impressive resumes of any musician around. With decades as a highly sought-after session player for artists such as Michael Jackson, Cher, and many, many others, he’s possibly appeared on more hits than any guitarist in history. Steve also founded the GRAMMY®-winning band Toto in the 1980s with fellow virtuosos and high school buddies, and the band is still rocking today!

  • Segment 1

    Steve talks about his start in music, playing the piano his mom won on The Hollywood Squares TV show. He also discusses working on recording sessions for countless hits, plus his long history with Toto. In addition, Steve tells about growing up as a Beatles fan and his later relationship with George Harrison.

Edition 28: Bruce Bouillet

Bruce BouilletBruce Bouillet, co-guitarist in the legendary group Racer X and member of bands such as The Scream and Epidemic, joins BTR for a discussion about his long career.

  • Segment 1

    Bruce describes moving from Indiana to Los Angeles in the 1980s, and then goes behind teaming up with Paul Gilbert to form an amazing shred-guitar duo in the band Racer X.

  • Segment 2

    More talk about Bruce’s experiences with Racer X, plus playing with The Scream and Epidemic. We also discuss his participation on the 2007 G3 tour with Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, and Joe Satriani.

Edition 27: Rick Derringer

Rick DerringerGuitar legend Rick Derringer visits with BTR in this edition. Rick’s long and successful career as a solo artist, producer, and sideman includes such classic tracks as “Hang On Sloopy,” “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo,” “Frankenstein,” and many more.

  • Segment 1

    Rick talks about his early days with The McCoys and his years producing and playing with Johnny and Edgar Winter. He also discusses his solo career and many hit songs, as well as the 2010 tour with Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band.

Edition 26: Mike Scaccia

Mike ScacciaIn this edition, our guest is Mike Scaccia, lead guitarist for the influential metal band Ministry.

  • Segment 1

    Mike talks about his early days in Texas and his legendary metal band Rigor Mortis. He also discusses his longtime partnership with Al Jourgensen, the founder of Ministry, and the tragic death of his friend Dimebag Darrell of Pantera.

  • Segment 2

    Mike discusses the recording of Ministry’s platinum-selling Psalm 69 album and how they came up with the formula of combining sampling and metal. He also talks about gear, guitars, amps, BOSS pedals, and more.

Edition 25: Nick Nolan

Nick NolanNick Nolan, guitar shredder extraordinaire and a TV composer that specializes in cartoon music, talks about his fascinating career.

  • Segment 1

    Nick describes his early career as a session guitarist and details how he landed the composing gig for a top-rated TV series.

  • Segment 2

    Nick outlines an average week writing music for the Emmy®-winning series Curious George. He also talks about his biggest musical influence, The Beatles, and discusses his favorite guitar gear and pedals.

Edition 24: Jeff Loomis

Jeff LoomisNevermore axe-slinger Jeff Loomis speaks about The Obsidian Conspiracy, his band’s latest album, along with guitar gear, playing technique, and his recent solo effort.

  • Segment 1

    Jeff talks about growing up in Wisconsin, winning Wisconsin’s Guitar Wars contest, and being influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen.

  • Segment 2

    Paul and Jeff discuss picking technique, practice, songwriting, and the recording of the recent Nevermore record. Jeff also describes his signature-model seven-string guitar.

  • Segment 3

    Jeff talks about auditioning for Megadeth at the age of 16, and goes into his gear and how he started playing seven-string guitars. He also offers some helpful advice for young guitarists.

Edition 23: Steve Stevens & Billy Morrison

Steve Stevens & Billy MorrisonTogether in LA, iconic guitar slinger Steve Stevens of Billy Idol and Top Gun soundtrack fame and English guitarist Billy Morrison of Camp Freddy talk about teaming up for the latest Billy Idol tour and more.

  • Segment 1

    Steve tells stories about recording with Billy Idol and playing guitar on the GRAMMY®-winning song “Top Gun Anthem,” while Billy talks about playing in The Cult and how the supergroup Camp Freddy came together. Both guitarists also discuss their twin-guitar approach with Billy Idol.

  • Segment 2

    Billy talks about his many fascinating projects through the years, and both guys go deep into the guitars, amps, and effects they use. They also offer some advice for up-and-coming guitar players.

Edition 22: Jon Gutwillig

Jon GutwilligThe lead guitarist for the hypnotic trance-fusion jam band Disco Biscuits talks about life, recording, playing live, and his favorite gear.

  • Segment 1

    Jon explains what the term “jam band” means, and describes the Disco Biscuits’ philosophical approach to their stage show.

  • Segment 2

    Jon talks about guitars, amps, and his pedal board, which is filled with a vast array of effects. He also reveals many of his secrets about tone and discusses the Biscuits’ recording process.

Edition 21: Oz Noy

Oz NoyJazz-rock trailblazer Oz Noy discusses his world, navigating the New York scene along with greats such as Dave Weckl, Will Lee, Mike Stern, Vinnie Colaiuta and many others.

  • Segment 1

    Oz talks about his life growing up in Israel and working his way up to becoming one of that country’s top guitarists, and then his move into the wild and crazy world of the New York city jazz scene. Included are excerpts from Oz’s solo albums.

  • Segment 2

    Oz talks about his gear and his approach to rock grooves and jazz harmony, and topics also include how constant recording sessions with a metronome has helped solidify his sense of time, and more excerpts from Oz’s solo albums.

Edition 20: Rusty Anderson

Rusty AndersonSince 2001, Rusty Anderson has been the lead guitarist in Paul McCartney’s band, one of the most prestigious positions in rock. In addition to working with the legendary ex-Beatle, Rusty has also toured or recorded with Willie Nelson, Elton John, and many other music icons. BTR’s Paul Hanson recently caught up with Rusty between gigs for a long phone conversation about his amazing career.

  • Segment 1

    Rusty talks about his playing history and the many gigs leading up to his current position in Paul McCartney’s band. We also check out some excerpts from Born on Earth, Rusty’s new solo album.

  • Segment 2

    Rusty talks about playing huge shows with Paul McCartney, and more about his album Born on Earth. He also offers some tips about releasing an independent album and gives some advice to up-and-coming guitarists.

Edition 19: Tim Bogert

Tim BogertA true rock bass legend, Tim Bogert cemented his place in music history through his influential work with Vanilla Fudge and Beck, Bogart & Appice. Recently, we got Tim on the line to talk bass, discuss recent projects, and get some reflections on his storied career.

  • Segment 1

    Tim shares stories about his amazing early years with the bands Vanilla Fudge, Beck, Bogert & Appice, and Cactus.

  • Segment 2

    Tim discusses his gear, reveals how he records bass, and offers some great advice for bass players. He also talks about his recent contributions to albums by guitarists Jake E. Lee, Leslie West, and Michael Schenker.

Edition 18: Marty Friedman

Marty FriedmanGuitar virtuoso Marty Friedman joins Paul on the line from Tokyo, Japan. Marty spent ten years playing lead guitar with the multi-platinum selling metal group Megadeth. Now he’s a major force in the Japanese music scene, with solo albums, television and movie credits, and contributes regularly to major Japanese publications.

  • Segment 1

    In this first segment, Marty discusses the Shrapnel Records days, playing with Jason Becker, and getting the gig with Megadeth.

  • Segment 2

    Marty talks about playing different guitars, his picking technique, his amps and pedals, and his amazing solo career and life in Japan.

Edition 17: Jeff “Skunk” Baxter

Jeff “Skunk” BaxterLegendary guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter is on the line. Jeff is most famous for his playing with Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers, but is also a hugely-successful studio guitarist. Jeff tells stories about his fascinating career and gives words of wisdom for up-and-coming musicians.

  • Segment 1

    Jeff discusses playing and recording with Steely Dan, playing rhythm guitar, practicing, and playing with a metronome.

  • Segment 2

    Jeff talks about playing with the Doobie Brothers, the art of leaving space when recording in the studio, and much more.

Edition 16: Keith Wyatt

Keith WyattGuitarist for the LA-based band the Blasters, Keith Wyatt is the author of over 20 guitar instructional DVDs. He is a regular columnist for Guitar World magazine, and has logged over 30 years in Hollywood performing with a range of artists including Albert Collins, Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Robben Ford.

Keith’s instructional videos are among the best-selling titles in their categories, and he is currently Musicians Institute’s Vice President of Programs.

  • Segment 1

    Keith discusses his books, DVDs, touring with the Blasters, and his gear, as well as elusive subjects such as ear training. This segment includes lots of examples of Keith’s playing.

  • Segment 2

    With more audio excerpts from the Blasters, Keith Wyatt talks about his BOSS pedals and classic effects such as tremolo and slap delay. Keith also discusses teaching at MI and practicing along with metronomes and drum machines.

Edition 15: Dave Navarro

Dave NavarroDave is a Los Angeles-based guitarist and alumnus of several multi-platinum bands including Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dave has recently branched out into hosting TV shows including CBS’s Rockstar series and the new Internet series Spread TV.

  • Segment 1

    From his cell phone, Dave discusses his many projects including his band Camp Freddie, and past bands such as Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Lots of Dave’s musical examples too.

  • Segment 2

    Dave, still on his cell phone, moves from his house to his car and then navigates through Hollywood. Dave talks about his favorite guitar gear including BOSS pedals, his band The Panic Channel, and his new Internet series Spread TV.

Edition 14: Frank Gambale

Frank GambaleThis 14th edition features the amazing Frank Gambale. Frank is regarded as the Grand Master of Sweep Picking and since Frank originally pioneered the technique it has become an important part of lead guitar. As well as being a very successful solo artist Frank plays in the Chick Corea Elektric band. Tune in and find about this amazing Australian guitarist.

  • Segment 1

    Frank discusses his sweep picking technique, his new tuning and several other topics including lots of audio excerpts of his playing.

  • Segment 2

    Frank gives words of wisdom and discuses more about sweep picking, practicing, his BOSS pedals, growing up in Australia playing guitar, and much more.

Edition 13: Mark Newman

Mark NewmanIn this 13th edition, Paul interviews guitar tech Mark Newman. Mark has worked with ZZ Top, Ozzy, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Ted Nugent and many others. Check out the crazy things that happen in a day in the life of a guitar tech.

Edition 12: Paul Hanson & Rob Marcello

Robert MarcelloThere’s plenty of shredding in this 12th edition. Paul Hanson and Rob Marcello, both BOSS specialists, discuss “going direct” with COSM amp models and effects. The show is chocked full of audio examples of their favorite amp models and tricks on how they use them.

  • Segment 1

    Paul talks about getting great tone with COSM amp models. Rob shows off his favorite amp model, plays excerpts from his new album and shreds over the phone.

  • Segment 2

    Rob shows some shredding licks over the phone and plays excerpts from his new album. Paul and Rob discuss getting great guitar tone while going direct and play lots of examples.

Edition 11: Will Ray

Will ReyWorld-famous Will Ray from the Hellecasters is on the line. Few guitar pickers can out-slide, out-bend or out-torture a Telecaster the way Will Ray can.

  • Segment 1

    Will talks about his band the Hellecasters, his instructional videos and his albums. Also, some tips on using B-Benders and slides.

  • Segment 2

    Will talks about his gear and reveals secrets on how he uses pedals. Will also discusses his favorite pedals from his massive BOSS pedal collection.

  • Segment 3

    Will talks about his early influences and how he ended up playing country. He also talks about how he tries to emulate pedal steel, and gives tips on recording techniques and practicing with rhythm tracks and drum machines.

Edition 10: Scott Henderson

Scott HendersonScott Henderson, legendary Jazz/Blues guitarist, is on the line.

Edition 9: Michael Ward

Michael WardMichael Ward, guitarist for the Wallflowers, John Hiatt, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals and School of Fish is on the line from his home in the Hollywood Hills.

Edition 8: Steve Trovato

Paul GilbertPaul interviews super country and jazz guitar picker Steve Trovato. Steve is the author of over 20 instructional books, and can be heard on countless recordings.

  • Segment 1

    Lots of excerpts from Steve’s new album, “Country Jazz Master.” Steve gives tips on writing instructional books, and talks about his favorite gear.

  • Segment 2

    Steve talks about cool echo tricks, hybrid picking—which he shows over the phone—and lots more about gear. Also, there are more excerpts from his album “Country Jazz Master.”

  • Segment 3

    Tips about practicing and playing “in time.” Steve talks about guitarschool.net and about using a motion-capture suit to record a guitar performance for teaching. More from Steve’s new album, some talk about tone, his favorite pedals, and an excerpt from a classical piece on which Steve played a guitar synth.

Edition 7: Paul Gilbert

Paul GilbertIn this 7th Edition, Paul Hanson interviews Paul Gilbert who is regarded internationally as one of the greatest players in the industry.

  • Segment 1

    The Pauls talk about Mr. Big, amps, gear and pedals. Also, they discuss playing techniques with lots of music excerpts from Paul Gilbert’s new album “Get Out Of My Yard.”

  • Segment 2

    More about Paul Gilbert’s guitar playing with lots of excerpts from Paul’s “Get Out of My Yard” CD. Also Paul’s cool trick with the BOSS DD-3.

  • Segment 3

    Paul Gilbert describes how he recorded the amazing unaccompanied solo “Get Out of My Yard,” and other tunes. Paul also gives advice for practicing and getting better on the guitar.

Edition 6: Steve Lynch

Steve LynchIn this Sixth Edition, Paul Hanson interviews two-hand tapping master Steve Lynch from Autograph. Steve shows us lots of cool licks, talks about his gear and life on the road and in the studio.

  • Segment 1

    Steve talks about his new Music School, his band Autograph and touring with Van Halen, Ozzy, and Motley Crue.

  • Segment 2

    Steve explains how to play his two-handed solos “Hammerhead,” “Liquid Eyes” and other signature two-handed licks. Also, more about his recording and live gear.

  • Segment 3

    Steve talks more about gear, plays more two-handed licks and explains the guitar solo from Autograph’s hit song “Turn up the Radio.”

Edition 5: Rafael Moreira

Rafael MoreiraOn the line is Rafael Moreira: Lead guitarist of the House Band from the hit CBS TV series Rock Star: Super Nova.

Edition 4: Philip Stendek

This fourth edition is all about looping and the BOSS Loop Stations.

Philip StendekPaul demonstrates building a tune with loops and interviews the amazing looping artist Philip Stendek from Las Vegas, NV. Philip shows his signature looping tricks using three RC-20 loop stations, along with the Roland GR-20 guitar synth, and the DD-20 Giga Delay.

Edition 3: Robert Marcello

Robert MarcelloIn this edition Paul interviews the Swedish Shred-Meister Robert Marcello. Robert plays with the band Danger Danger, is recording a solo album called Marcello, and is one of the latest additions to the BOSS and Roland Guitar team.

This Edition is chocked full of insane shredding guitar licks! There are also tips on becoming a better player by practicing with the BOSS Doctor Beat Metronomes. And also lots of info about how you can record with the BOSS BR recorders.

Edition 2: Ernesto Homeyer

Ernesto HomeyerAn interview with Ernesto Homeyer from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.

Edition 1: Paul Hanson

Paul HansonThis radio talk show is all about squeezing the best guitar tones out of your gear and it’s packed full of music examples. Paul covers some of the killer tones you can get with different distortion and overdrive pedals, digital delay and EQ.

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