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Eric Chaz

Eric Chaz Guitar Repairman to the Stars

Master guitar technician Eric Chaz (short for Czechanski) runs Eric’s Guitar Shop in the San Fernando Valley region of Southern California, near the heart of the Hollywood entertainment industry.Read more…

Donna Grantis

Donna Grantis Riffing Heavy with Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL

Toronto-based guitarist Donna Grantis talks about her musical background, experiences playing with Prince, favorite BOSS pedals, and much more.Read more…

Chris Payton

Chris Payton Blurring the Lines with BOSS Stomps

Born into a musical family, Chris Payton has become a master guitarist by the age of 20, with a highly versatile style that includes a diverse range of influences.Read more…

Thomas Nordegg

Thomas Nordegg The Man Behind the Curtain for Zappa, Vai, and Many Other Greats

Thomas Nordegg is one of the top guitar techs in the music business, working with some of the world’s best-known artists, including Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page, and Steve Vai.Read more…

Jude Gold

Jude Gold Full-Contact Guitar

Session player, sideman, and guitar journalist Jude Gold talks to BOSS about performing live, his gear, and his signature “full-contact” slap-guitar playing.Read more…

Pete Thorn

Pete Thorn Guitarist for Hire

Pete discusses BOSS gear and offers some really great insights about how he approaches auditioning for the top gigsRead more…

JB Brubaker

JB Brubaker August Burns Red

As lead guitarist and primary songwriter for one of the heaviest metalcore bands around, JB relies on BOSS to get the job done.Read more…

Bruce Bouillet

Bruce Bouillet Life in the Fast and Slow Lanes with the Racer X-Man

Bruce Bouillet got his first big break while attending GIT in Los Angeles. Soon he joined Racer X and attained legendary status with his mentor, Paul Gilbert.Read more…

Rafael Moreira

Rafael Moreira The Making of a Rockstar

Before he joined Rockstar, Rafael toured with Pink, Christina Aguilera, and many other famous artists.Read more…

Lincoln Brewster

Lincoln Brewster For the Love of the Stompbox

Barely in his twenties, Brewster was thrust into the pop spotlight by Steve Perry, the legendary pop singer from the band Journey.Read more…

Rich Eckhardt

Rich Eckhardt On Tour with Toby Keith

Halfway into the Big Throwdown tour with Toby Keith, Rich invited BOSS to an all-access tour of the Hyundai Pavilion.Read more…


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